UAV-DGPS Integrated Survey for Floodplain Mapping

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The Area of Interest (AOI) of the project was severally affected by flood due to heavy rainfall on upstream side of Banas river and subsequently breaching the portion of NMC due to flood.

The scope of work includes Topographical survey of along and across Banas river for modelling. The area of project was 200 Sq. Km. The primary and secondary control point was established on CC Pillar. The GCP (Lime Mark) was also established for as a input for image processing.The major challenge was faced during coarse of work was accessibility to planned GCP marking.

Following Workflow was adopted for the project

  • KML was created of the study area with buffer.
  • UAV Mission was planned and the information was passed to ground survey team
  • LGEOM ground survey team then established benchmarks and TBMs for ground control points using DGPS survey
  • LGEOM UAV team flies the pre-planned missions from appropriate locations on site.
  • UAV Data and DGPS Locations were brought back to LGEOM Lab and processed on high end work stations.
  • Ground control points are manually marked on images.
  • Orthorectification, point cloud cleaning is done
  • Orthophotos are tiled for CAD compatibility
  • Drawing and drafting work is submitted to the client with other necessary documents.

LGEOM provides GIS-enabled UAV survey and mapping soluitons to provide accurate topographic informations to its clients. Our team of GIS and Photogrametry experts with access to high power work stations and latest software provide GIS layers, Orthophotos, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), contours, volumetric analysis as part of our project deliverables.