Geospatial Solutions

LGEOM professionals are trained to provide their clients an ultimate Geospatial Solution with their accurate data mapping and management services. We at LGEOM brings horizontal and vertical integration of Geospatial Technologies such as GIS Mapping and Application, Geodatabase Generation, Satellite Remote Sensing, Positioning Applications, Photogrammetry, GIS Web-services for successful implementation of Location Intelligence Projects.

We provide geospatial data mapping, management, analysis and modelling solution what drive projects across all disciplines of civil and infrastructure engineering from transporation to energy and everything in between.

Contact Us to learn how we can help you with leading edge geospatial solution using latest technology, software, and techniques so that you can make decisions with confidence. LGeom Team is commited to assist you throughout your project where Locational Intelligence is needed. We take our Geospatial tool and Locational Intelligence technology choices based on the needs of each client.

List of Geospatial Solutions

Utility Mapping in Water, Oil & Gas and Electricity Sector

GIS Data Creation and Analysis

GIS Data Conversion

Image Processing


Cadestre and Land Mapping

Training and Technical Support

Web GIS Application Development

Strategic Consulting