Mobile GPS Survey

Mobile GPS Survey Application are widely used to collect Point of Interest (POI) data information, realtime updation of features (and assets) on field and track realtime work.

Point of Interest (POI) is a combination of spatial and non-spatial data i.e. capturing picture, attribute collection of related asset like name & address. POI data are real-world geographical locations which required to be collected for different purposes. POI can be street vendor locations, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, bank ATMs, petrol pumps, hotels, buidlings, land marks, etc. POI Mapping is also considered as an easy, quick and accuracy approach to location dataset collection to populate the mapping project with important places of feature/buildings/ landmarks. POI data collection supports a range of application including digital mapping of street vendors, feature locations, enhanced routing products and also validation of databases.

LGEOM has helped organizations collect more than 2 million data points (Point of Interests, Area Points, Street Vendors, etc) with high accuracy attribute information in past few years. LGEOM has in-house quality policy and skilled human-resources to execute quality feature data collection projects. LGEOM is ISO 9001:2015 certiifed company known for its strict data policy can further assure you about security and quality of your data projects.

List Of Services

Point of Interest (POI) Collection

Property Tax Mapping

Utility Data Mapping

Asset Mapping

Land Use Mapping

Consumer Mapping