DGPS Survey

DGPS surveying is a relative positioning technique which employs two (or more) receivers simultaneously tracking the common satellites to provide positional corrections to GPS signals. It uses known position of Ground Network and adjust GPS signals in real time to eliminate errors. The base receiver, is set up over a point with precisely known coordinates such as a survey monument (Benchmark). The remote receiver, is set up over a point whose coordinates are unknown. This type of survey is primarily used to create control point where no control exists to very high accuracies.

LGEOM Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted consulting partner to all its clients for providing varied services to the government and private clients, on RTK GPS / DGPS and Total Station surveys for projects which includes topographic survey, asset mapping, railway engineering survey, road survey, contour survey, canal alignment survey, etc.

Our professionally qualified and competent team equipped with latest technology tools have ability to provide cost-effective DGPS & Total Station survey solution that fulfills quality expectations of the client for successful delivery of the project.

List Of Services

Pipeline Survey

Canal Alighnment Survey

Road & Route Survey

Railway Engineering Survey

Power Line Survey

Land Survey

Ground Control Point (GCP) Establishment